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Collective Wisdom from the Egyptian Neteru

Sacred Soulful Journeys

Intuitive Guidance, Healing,  Retreats,  Classes, Private Spiritual Egypt Tours

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Reconnecting with your Soul's purpose and innate wisdom.

Within each of us lies the wisdom and knowledge from

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Energy Healing

Immerse yourself in the soothing, gentle, healing modalities of Egyptian Sekhem energy and Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki provides healing for your emotional, spiritual and physical body, balancing your energy and assists with healing your heart of emotional wounds.

Egyptian Sekhem is a high vibration healing energy similar in method to Reiki, though that which channels at a much higher frequency.

Egyptian Sekhem healing was channeled directly to me by Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.

 In person and remote long distance appointments available.

Remote Reiki energy healing for animals available upon request.

Intuitive Guidance

In person, phone and Skype appointments available for helping you connect with your Higher Self, intuition and inner wisdom. Your Soul holds all the answers to your current situations and life's challenges. At times, you may have difficulty in hearing these messages and knowing what you should do. You will learn how to connect with your inner innate wisdom and Guides, enabling you to have clear understanding of your life and how to move forward in a positive way. Empowering you to trust in yourself, your intuition and messages that you receive. 

Egypt Journeys

Enjoy a special, private tour where you will immerse in the healing, heart opening, magical energies of Mother Egypt. You will become transformed, renewed and forever changed, having walked upon the ancient lands.

Visit the ancient pyramids, temples and sacred sites that hold timeless healing, knowledge and ancient wisdom. Sail the Nile River on your private boat, as you connect with the high vibration and healing energies of the water. Become one with the Nile’s energetic flow, allowing yourself to be gently led on an inner journey to release what no longer serves you and embrace that which you are meant to be. Feel the transformation as you heal at your soul level, your mind, body and spirit.

Behold the majestic beauty that surrounds the Egyptian people, culture, land and history.

Welcome home.

Classes and Retreats

Join classes and retreats held throughout the year at various locations in the U.S. and at sacred locations across the World.

Learn about the Egyptian God's and Goddesses and connect with their beautiful, healing, high vibrational energies.

Obtain knowledge and teachings from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. 

 Learn ancient Egyptian Alchemy and it's connection with our present day path to Ascension.

 Immerse in the loving, high vibration healing energies of the  Angelic Kingdom. Through Angelic Reiki, you will become a channel of this beautiful, calming,, healing modality, You will work by connecting with the Angels and Arch Angels within the Angelic realm.



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